7 Things to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

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Every wedding is unique so invitations will differ depending on the couple they are being made for. Given there is so much flexibility to what you can include or leave out of your wedding invitations sometimes makes it difficult to find the right balance. After you’ve added the obvious information such as names, date, and time of the wedding, keep these other ideas in mind when planning for information to put on your invitations. After all, you are not only informing guests about your big day, but you’re creating a keepsake to help get them excited while setting the tone for your wedding.

1.    Venue
Whether you’re having a destination wedding or an intimate ceremony in your back yard, your guests need to know where to show up for your wedding. List the name of the venue along with the city and state.

2.    Reception Details
If your wedding ceremony and reception will be in two separate locations, make sure to include a small card with details of the reception venue as well as the time guests should be expected to arrive. If your reception is being held at the same place as your ceremony, you can include a line at the bottom of the main invitation that says “dinner and dancing to follow.”

3.    A Map and Directions
Yes, we know it’s 2017! Although we’d to think everyone knows how to use a GPS system, the reality is a lot of people aren’t as tech savvy as others. Help ensure your guests won’t get lost by including a detailed map and dependable directions along with the address that contains the zip code since it is typically left off of the invitation.

4.    Accommodation and Transportation Details
For guests that are coming from out of town, make accommodations easy for them by reserving a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. The hotel may even give a discount depending on how many of your guests plan on staying. If the hotel provides a shuttle to the wedding venue, include that information as well as where to park at the hotel if your guests are driving themselves.

5.    Plus One Options
You want to be clear on the invitation if a significant other or kids are invited to the wedding to avoid any mishaps from taking place on your wedding day. You don’t want to be short on food or space because of an honest miscommunication.

6.    Wedding Website
Wedding websites are a great way for brides and grooms to stay connected with their friends and family while keeping them up to date on any details needed during the planning process. List your wedding website link on your invitation or on a separate card to allow your guests to check out information regarding:

  • Your love story and proposal
  • Engagement photos
  • Links to where you are registered for gifts
  • Accommodations about things your guests can check out while they’re in town
  • Online RSVPs.

7.    RSVP Cards
If you would rather not have your guests make an RSVP online, you can include a separate card along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for guests to indicate whether they can attend your wedding or not. You can keep the wording simple and ask your guests to reply by a specific date. If you are providing several menu options for a plated dinner service, request that your guests make their meal choice as well as inform you of any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

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