Casual Weddings for Casual Couples

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Not every wedding has to be extravagant like Meghan and Harry’s. You don’t need ornate ballrooms, a long wedding dress train, gold colored silverware, and candelabra on the reception tables to have a perfect wedding. Indeed, there is no “perfect” wedding – each couple has a unique style and personality, and your wedding is the ideal place to showcase that. After all, it is your party and your day!

With that said, you don’t want to go too far the other way. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between elegant and laid-back, so that you create a memorable atmosphere for the most memorable of days – your wedding day. Here are some ideas for achieving a casual, yet understatedly stylish, wedding.

1.       Save the Dates and Invitations – Set the tone for your wedding with creative, casual invitations for a creative, casual wedding. Keep them simple and understated, with a fun, personalized feel. You could hand write them yourselves, or get one of your friends with great handwriting to do them for you. Use conversational language, and be clear about the dress code so people aren’t confused!

2.       Venue Selection – The trend for casual weddings is for them to be outdoors, so think about scenic, interesting, beautiful locations. This natural, outdoorsy feel creates a strong atmosphere of its own, so you don’t have to worry as much about decorations doing all the work to make the setting memorable. If your reception is inside, all it takes is simple decorations like candles, strings of lights, and some greenery to get the right feel.

3.       Cultivating the Vibe – Make people feel relaxed and laid-back with the décor and attire. Right now, a rustic feel is all the rage, so you could go with hand-painted signage, an abundance of potted plants, and wooden chairs and tables that make you feel right at home. Instead of a bar with long lines, set out ice buckets with drinks so guests can grab them at their leisure.

4.       Laid-back Meal – Skip the traditional 3 course meal and set up long tables so everyone can eat family-style! This will get guests talking and interacting with each other, and there’s nothing like the feeling of truly sharing a meal with others.

5.       Live Music – While having a DJ play all your favorite night-out dancing music is fun, hiring a live band to play gives your reception a more human, familiar touch. Get a bluegrass band to play old-timey square dancing hits, or a big-band jazz group so you can swing dance the night away.

At Heathrow Country Club, we can make your dream of a casual wedding come to reality. Choose which one of our several indoor and outdoor event spaces best fits the vibe you are looking for, and work with our venue coordinators to execute your vision. You could even have a casual afterparty at our luxurious pool for a relaxed, Florida spin on your wedding. If you have any questions about our wedding venues or services, please give us a call at 407-378-6624.

Erick Merced