5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party

You've been asked to help plan the company's corporate holiday party, and you begin to freak out a bit. You know everyone has been working hard and deserves a fun night. Whether you work in a small office of 15 employees, or with a larger company that has over 100 employees, planning holiday parties can be stressful. Here are 5 tips for planning a fun corporate holiday party (without the added stress).

Corporate Holiday Party.jpg

1.     Identify goals and set a budget

Identifying your goals will help you put a budget into place. Expenses add up quickly, so you'll want to stay on track when budgeting for the venue, decorations, menu, and activities.

2.     Make a plan.

Once you set the venue for your party, your planning team should schedule an onsite walk through to start organizing and gathering ideas for the event. Take notes, make lists, delegate tasks as needed, and set deadlines. Giving everyone his or her tasks to complete, will allow you to divide and conquer. 

3.     Create the perfect menu

Food and drinks are two things people always seem to remember the most after any event. Make sure you have a variety of items on the menu to choose from as well as fun specialty cocktails to drink. If possible, have a custom cocktail created. Make it fun- guests will appreciate the gesture.

4.     Set the tone

Create an entertaining atmosphere. Come up with a theme and have everyone participate. Try and think outside the box to engage the guests. Remember, it’s a holiday party, so your decorations should be festive. Include things such as snowflakes, sparkle, candles, and balloons. Try not to worry yourself with who celebrates what holiday tradition. You don’t need to include everything from Christmas to Kwanza, keep it light and cheery.

5.     Recognize achievements for the year

Office holiday parties are a way to thank everyone for their hard work while celebrating the year's accomplishments. Make time to acknowledge the staff and let them know how much the company appreciates them. If it’s in your company’s budget, hand out awards or host a raffle and let the employees win prizes.