To Pinterest or NOT?

Pinterest is both the best and the worst thing to ever happen in my life (and the rest of the planners of the world, I'm sure...) What can I say? Pinterest has some AMAZING ideas and projects that you can do for your weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate events! I am a pinterest fanatic, but I know my limits and it's important that anyone planning an event knows theirs too.

People on pinterest make their projects looks so incredibly easy, but if you have ever tried to complete one of those then you have first hand knowledge that they are professionals and you are a mere beginner in the world of arts and crafts. Personally, I have many, many failed attempts when it comes to Pinterest ideas that I am POSITIVE I am capable of doing. It's almost never as easy as it looks though...

Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and make your wedding exactly what you wanted and on a budget, but before you buy all of the supplies make sure that you (and whoever you have enlisted to help you) can actually do the project! Try not to complicate it. You don't want to be crying over how to fold a piece of paper the night before your wedding because it just doesn't look like the swans that the woman on Pinterest made in two seconds and it's taken you five hours.. Go the simple, yet elegant route. You will love the outcome and you won't be stressed over whether or not you can complete the project! Like I said, I LOVE Pinterest, but it can be tragic if you have your heart set on something that can't be completed. Be sure you know what you're getting yourself into!

WeddingSarah Hill