How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses Your Friends Will Want to Wear Again

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Most women love being asked if they’ll stand next to their BFFs on their wedding day. However, having to dish out anywhere up to $200 for a bridesmaid dress they will only wear once isn’t such an exciting idea. As a bride, you can do your future ‘maids a favor and choose a dress that’s both elegant enough for a wedding but versatile enough that it can be worn again in the future.

Consider the Length
Floor length dresses sure are pretty, but they aren’t the best option when you’re making a conscious decision to allow your bridesmaids to re-wear their dresses. Although long dresses can be altered later on, that can be expensive depending on the length and material. Try picking a cocktail or midi length dress since they could work for almost any kind of event or even choose a maxi skirt with shorter top that can be paired with different clothing options your friends most likely already have in their closets.

Choose a Color That’s Versatile
A neutral dress such as black or navy will work for a variety of occasions, including work functions. Lighter colors like creams, nudes, and blush can be worn for daytime events including other weddings should someone be invited to attend as a guest. Print dresses such as ones with flowers also offer versatility. Just try and avoid picking bright dresses with details such as sequins, since they would have to be worn for particular occasions.

If the Budget Allows, Alter
Although an added expense, a bridesmaid dress that’s been tailored to fit your body perfectly, will always look better than it did on the rack. You shouldn’t require your bridesmaids to alter their dresses especially if it’s not in their budget, but you can provide a list of recommended tailors in case it’s something they are interested in doing.   

Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Dresses
Have your bridesmaids choose the style of their dress as long as it coordinates with your wedding colors to really ensure they’ll want to wear it again. Being able to pick their dresses will enable your bridesmaids to purchase from a variety of places including department stores, bridal shops, online, and even consignment stores. Having the opportunity to choose where a dress can be bought is also great for your friends who want to be included in your big day but may not have a lot of money to purchase a dress from a bridal shop. However, remember to give a clear idea on the length, color, and fabric you would prefer your bridesmaids to pick if you’re trying to keep a consistent look among the bridal squad.

If They Still Aren’t a Fan, They Can Sell
If there isn’t a chance a bridesmaid will wear their dress again, they can sell it in person or through apps and online. They may only earn back a small portion of what they originally paid, but it’s better than being stuck with a dress that they’ll never wear again. After all, not every girl is like Katherine Heigl’s character in the movie 27 Dresses, and keeps every single bridesmaid dress she’s ever worn. Some women would prefer get some money back to help defray the cost they had to pay for their bridesmaid dress initially.

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