Ways to Include Your Kids into Your Wedding Events

If you and your future spouse have kids, whether together or from a previous relationship, help make them feel comfortable and special by incorporating them into your wedding day. Try some of these tips (or all of them) for ways to include your kids into your wedding events to make your day even more memorable.  

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Cake Tasting
Having kids sit for an extended period to taste a bunch of food items that could possibly make it to your wedding menu may be a bit much. Instead, include them into your cake tasting and you’ll probably become the coolest parents ever. Not only will bringing your kids to your cake tasting show them you care about their opinions regarding what goes into your big day, they’ll also love being able to tell your guests they helped pick out the cake flavor when everyone compliments on how good the cake tastes. 

Bridal Party
If your kids are young, let them be a part of your bridal party by allowing the boys to carry the rings and the girls to toss the flowers. Older kids such as tweens and preteens can be included by standing next to you as bridesmaids or groomsman along with the rest of your bridal party and joining in on any bridal shower and bachelor or bachelorette activities, given that they are age appropriate of course.

Unity Ceremony
If you are considering incorporating non-traditional customs into your wedding such as lighting a unity candle or placing different colored sand into a glass jar, give your kids a special role to let them be involved. Let the kids light the candle or pour the sand colors into its container. You can also try other ideas such as family handprints that can be framed and hung inside your home.

Vow Exchange
Mentioning your kids in your wedding vows will remind them that you are not just committed to gaining a new spouse, but to legally becoming a family as well. Sweet tokens such as pendants, charms, or jewelry can be made to represent your family and handed to your kids during your vow exchange.

Walking Down the Aisle
If you have older kids that could fill the role, especially if your parents are unavailable, ask them to walk you down the aisle or give you away at the altar.

Memorable Dances
Create a family dance routine as a fun way to liven up the reception. Let your kids help pick out the songs and dance moves that will be featured for your dance routine and perform it for your guests. If an all-out choreographed dance routine may not work for your family, try letting your kids cut in half way through you and your significant others first dance.

We Offer the Perfect Location for Your Wedding
However you and your soon to be husband or wife decide to incorporate your kids into your wedding events, they will be thrilled at getting the chance to be included. At Heathrow Legacy Club, we offer multiple indoor and outdoor locations for your ceremony and reception. Call us at 407-562-0170 or email us at info@heathrowccevents.com for information on how we can help assist you with your dream wedding.


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