Don't Make These Wedding Guest Faux Pas!

From wearing the wrong outfit to showing up with an uninvited plus one, there are a lot of things you can do as a guest which will have you being remembered as offensive, irritating, or just downright clueless. To avoid being that guest at the next wedding you attend, skip these inappropriate behaviors, showing that proper wedding etiquette does exist.

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1.    Dress Inappropriately –  Showing up in a dress that’s too revealing, or dressing down in ripped jeans (unless requested by the bride and groom) is a big no. If you’re uncertain of what to wear to a wedding, base your outfit choice on the season, style, and time the wedding is being held. Opt for something between formal and casual.

2.   Wear all white or all black – Wearing all white takes attention away from the bride while wearing all black, especially to a daytime wedding resembles funeral attire. Although there may be some exceptions to the black and white rule, you should avoid wearing either of these colors- just to be safe.

3.   Be on your phone during the ceremony – While this should be a given, it’s incredible to see how many people answer their phone calls or have their heads down looking through their news feed during the entire ceremony. Unless you’re taking a few photos, forget about your phone while the couple exchanges their vows.

4.   Film the wedding on your tablet – There’s nothing more annoying than sitting behind that one person who is continually moving their tablet around to try and film the wedding. Not only is it inconsiderate, but most likely, it’s unnecessary. The bride and groom probably paid a lot of money for a professional to cover their day, so put your device away and just enjoy the moment.

5.   Give a tasteless speech – You and the couple may share a certain sense of humor easily understood in private. But in public, especially around people you may not know, it’s best to stay away from specific topics to avoid embarrassing both yourself and the couple. Steer clear of subjects such as exes, race, politics, inside jokes, and your pal’s most awkward moments.

6.   Bring uninvited guests – Unless the RSVP card sent to you has space clearly marked allowing you to add in a guest, don’t assume bringing one day of is okay. Depending on the budget, tradition, and wishes of the couple, you may really put the hosts in an awkward position by showing up with someone who isn’t expected to be there.

7.   Drink too much and cause a scene – An open bar can sometimes be an invitation for certain people to get a little wild. For those who may not know how to properly pace themselves, having one too many drinks can lead to embarrassing moments you’ll be wishing never happened come morning time.

8.   Request to change things – Unless you’re the wedding planner, don’t try and direct anything. Trying to make changes just because you’ve “known the couple forever” or because “it’s obviously their favorite” makes you come off rude and controlling.

9.   Complain about the food or décor – Couples spend a lot of time and money to make their wedding a reflection of them and not you. Even f you would have used a different color or picked a different catering menu, keep your opinions to yourself. After all, whose wedding is it anyway?

Being invited to share such special moments with the bride and groom’s friends and family should be taken seriously. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so there’s no reason why a couple should have to address inappropriate behavior made by someone they asked to be with them on their special day. Now that you are aware of some very simple rules to keep in mind go forth and be the most fabulous wedding guest you can be.

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