Don’t Make the Following Music Mistakes at Your Wedding

Music is an important aspect of any wedding and helps to set the tone for different parts of the celebration. Picking awesome songs and hiring the right band or DJ to play them, will help keep the wedding fun and your guests entertained. However, when it comes to the tunes, making poor choices could put a damper on the mood. So to ensure your wedding is an unforgettable one, avoid these common music mistakes:

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Not Doing Your Research on a Band or DJ

Whether you want a live performance or prefer a DJ to play the songs you and your fiancé personally handpicked, do your research to make sure you get someone who can deliver what you’re looking for. It’s good to get recommendations from friends, and if you can, try and see the band or DJ in person, to really get a feel for how they perform musically. Pay attention to things like how the music sounds, how the band or DJ emcee, whether or not they take requests, and how the audience reacts to them.

Playing Offensive Music

Yes, it’s your wedding, and you should be able to play whatever you want to, but you have to consider other factors as well. If you’re getting married in a house of worship, certain types of music could be prohibited. Plus, when it comes to elderly family members, you wouldn’t want to offend them by playing certain songs you know they wouldn’t approve of, would you?

Neglecting to do a Sound Check 

Before the wedding starts, a sound check should be done to ensure the music sounds right and the correct songs are being played. There’s nothing worse than starting your first dance only to realize you’re dancing to the wrong song!

Forgetting to Check on Your Must-Have Playlist

Regardless of who will be playing the music, check to make sure all of your must-have songs will be included the day of your wedding. It’s possible after going over the list that the DJ may not have been able to add some of your favorite tunes, and maybe forgot to mention it. So, to avoid the disappointment of never hearing your “jam” being played on your big day, check with your musician prior to your wedding.

Choosing an Extremely Long First Dance

While your first dance is important, your guests don’t want to watch you and your new bride or husband sway back and forth for five minutes. Stick with a shorter song, or work with your DJ to cut the particular ballad you want to a reasonable length.

Having the Music at an Uncomfortable Level

When it comes to your reception, the music should be at the right level where the guests can hear it, and won't have to yell over it because it’s too loud. Prior to the big day, make volume requests with your band or DJ so that they are aware of your preferences.

Sticking to One Music Genre

Though you may favor a particular genre of music, not all of your guests may feel the same way. So, to let everyone join in on the singing and dancing fun during your reception, try to include a variety of songs that your friends and family of all ages can enjoy.

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