6 Steps to Planning a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Couples choose to renew their wedding vows for many different reasons. Whether you want to pledge your commitment to one another for the second time (maybe for an anniversary) or to celebrate getting through difficult times in your relationship, the idea is both sentimental and romantic. If you’re thinking of having a vow renewal, follow these six steps to assist you in your planning.

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1.    Choose a date – Just like for your wedding day, you’ll need to choose a date so you can begin planning. A nice idea would be to renew your vows on your wedding anniversary or a day that holds special meaning for you both. If you’re not planning to invite guests, any date during the week will work. However, if guests are invited, you may want to consider having your celebration during the weekend when more people can attend.

2.   Select a place – If you got married somewhere local, you could return to your original site. Or, if you want to try somewhere different, pick a place that you have visited together over the years that is significant to the two of you. Maybe the neighborhood park where you picnic on Saturdays, the church you attend together on Sundays, or the unique country club where you love to play and dine.

3.   Locate a copy of your vows – Some couples like to repeat their original vows as a reminder of the commitment they promised each other the day they got married. However don’t feel pressured to have to search high and low for your original vows, as you can always add to what you can remember and include new sentiments and promises.  

4.   Get an officiant – This could be anyone you choose! You can see if the officiant who married you the first time is available. If not, see if one of your close friends or family members would mind being your officiant. After all, the renewal isn’t a legally binding ceremony, so you can pick virtually anyone you think would be a great fit.

5.   Decide whether to invite guests – Your guest list can be as large as your wedding and include all of your friends and family. Or, you could choose to have a more intimate ceremony that involves just you, your spouse, the officiant, and your children.

6.   Celebrate – After your vow renewal, you can decide whether you want a romantic evening planned just for the two of you or an elaborate celebration where you can dance the night away with all of your loved ones.

However you and your spouse decide to show your continued commitment is up to you. Whether you want your vow renewal to be private or elaborate, the fact is there are no rules. Have fun and most importantly, enjoy every moment!

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