Questions to Ask During Your Venue Walkthrough

Booking a venue for your personal or corporate event is a big commitment. Perhaps, you’ve already researched a handful of event spaces online and may have even done a few site tours. But, by the time you got home and compared the different locations, you probably realized you forgot to ask some pretty important questions.

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It’s okay, it happens! Next time, keep your needs in mind when touring a potential venue, and remember to ask the following questions:

Hours of Operation

  • How many hours are allowed for setup and breakdown? Can an extra fee be paid if we need more time?
  • What time will the event need to finish by (is this including cleanup)?
  • When is the earliest time we can begin setting up?
  • Can items be dropped off prior to the event or only the day of?

Space Considerations

  • How many guests does your venue seat?
  • Are there different spaces to choose from (such as indoor and outdoor)?
  • Does your venue have a dancefloor or will we have to have one provided?
  • Are there designated photo areas? How about restricted areas?
  • Can your venue accommodate guests overnight? If not, can you recommend nearby hotels?

Facility Accommodations

  • Can we bring our own candles, sparklers, balloons, etc. or does the venue provide them?
  • Can we do a rehearsal the day before the event? Is there an extra charge for it?
  • What is required to confirm a date?
  • When will the venue need a final guest count?
  • Does the venue have a projector and screen we can use? How about audio equipment? What are the costs to use them? 
  • Does the venue have their own tables, chairs, and linens? If they don’t work with our vision, can we outsource rentals?
  • Is there ample parking space? Does the venue provide valet service?
  • How many bathrooms are located on-site? Are they close to the event space?

Food and Beverage

  • What’s the cost difference of a cash bar versus an open bar?
  • Can we have outside catering? If so, what are the cost and rules?
  • Does the venue have different on-site catering packages to choose from and what’s included in each?
  • How much are the service charge and sales tax?
  • Is there a children’s menu available?

Bring a list of questions with you so that you don’t forget to ask about specific requirements you will need for your event. Take lots of notes and photos of the venue as well, so you can compare spaces when making your final decision.

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