How to Choose a Venue for Your Fundraising Event

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Fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money for an organization. Though this type of event can be costly and take a lot of time to set up, you can throw a fabulous party, with careful planning and the help of a great venue.

To help ensure your fundraising event is a success, look at the following factors when booking your venue:

Size – The venue you select should have the right amount of space for your event. You don’t want to overcrowd a smaller area or have so much space that your event looks half empty.

Location – Choosing the proper location is critical since it significantly affects the attendance, atmosphere, and theme of the event. Look for a venue that is close to public transport, has plenty of available parking, and is easily accessible to your target audience.

Date – The date you pick will be based partially on what’s available at the venue you choose. But, try selecting a date that will get the most attendance from donors, such as weekends, when more people may be able to attend. Just double check beforehand that your event doesn’t overlap with any major holidays or other similar events.

Audio/Video – You will most likely need to use various equipment for your fundraiser, including a PA system, projection screen, microphones, etc. Check to make sure your chosen venue can accommodate your production, A/V, sound, and other technical needs.

Cost – The whole reason you’re having your event is to raise money for your cause. So, it’s important to compare how much you’re expecting to collect against what it’s going to cost to throw the fundraiser. Be realistic in setting timelines and a budget, and stick to them. Some things to include in your budget would be venue costs, catering, entertainment, printing costs, promotional items, marketing, and decorations.

Whenever possible, look for sponsors who can help you cut expenses, bring awareness to your fundraiser, and contribute in-kind donations. Also, by partnering with sponsors, you have the potential to earn a higher profit.

Menu – Inquire about different catering options such as a plated dinner or buffet style, as well as available menu choices, to ensure you get a meal that can be tailored to your event. Also, depending on what type of drinks you’d like to serve, it’s a good idea to ask whether or not the venue is equipped with a full bar.

Choose a date and venue to hold your fundraiser at least six months in advance to give your donors plenty of notice to attend, as well as to allow enough time to obtain sponsorships, vendor bookings, and sell tickets.

Are you looking for a place to hold your next fundraising event? At Heathrow Legacy Club, our onsite coordinators can assist you with creating an event that works with your timeline and budget. Whether you are looking to host a fundraising gala or tournament golf competition, we look forward to helping you bring all of your ideas to life. Contact us today at 407-562-0170 for more information or to schedule a site tour.