Planning the Perfect Family Reunion

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Whether you’re organizing a get-together for a dozen family members or several hundred, planning a family reunion that’s both fun and memorable can be challenging. To be successful, you must stay organized, give yourself enough time, and most of all – remain calm when things get hectic. To ensure your reunion is a success, follow these steps:

1.     Select a date – Setting a date that works for all of your family members can be one of your most complicated tasks. Check with others to see if they have any prior commitments. You can choose three possible dates at least a year in advance and let your family members rank them to see which one works the best for most people. Once a day is picked out, send save-the-date reminders ASAP, so everyone knows not to schedule other plans for the same time. Lastly, make sure not to change the date under any circumstances.  

2.    Involve family members – Planning a family reunion is not an easy task. Ask for several volunteers who are willing to help you organize the event. Some reunion tasks that should be assigned include:

·         Finances – Collecting money from family members to use for the reunion, maintains the budget and makes necessary purchases

·         Lodging – Securing accommodations and working out possible group discounts

·         Food – Working closely with the caterer or coordinating a potluck

·         Correspondence – Communicating with family members to keep them informed of any updates or changes

·         Entertainment – Organizing different events for everyone

·         Reservations – Tracking who’s attending

·         Mementos – Gathering photos and keepsakes to be displayed at the reunion

3.    Don’t rush – Because there are so many details that go into planning a reunion, the sooner you can start, the better. Book your venue early so you can secure the perfect place. Give family members enough time to request time off from work and to save money for the trip. Don’t wait to order souvenirs so you can pass them out at the celebration instead of having to mail them later on. 

4.    Pick a location – When it comes to selecting an area, selecting one that has plenty of things to do nearby is always a good choice. A city such as Orlando offers many attraction, entertainment, commuting, and lodging options, and is perfect for those who’d like to the stay for an extended time after the reunion.

5.    Be cautious about the budget – Your reunion should be as affordable as possible so more family members can attend. When you make specific decisions, keep in mind that everyone’s financial situation is different. If some members are worried about the cost, suggest they do a fundraiser or collect donations so they can afford to attend.

6.    Make plans – Plan activities that include family members of all ages. If playing golf is of interest to a majority of your group, arrange a golf outing. Other preferred activities may include games, crafts, amusement parks, shopping, and swimming. Just remember to set plenty of time aside to be able to sit, relax, and catch up.

7.    Embrace your family’s heritage – Ask family members to bring special things that represent your family’s roots such as photos or heirlooms that you can set up at the reunion. Provide a menu that incorporates food from your culture, as well as music and decorations.

With advanced planning and help from other family members, you can create a meaningful reunion that everyone will appreciate and continue talking about for years to come.

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Erick Merced