6 Reasons to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day

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In Central Florida, rain occurring almost every day during the summertime is nearly a given. But, that shouldn’t deter you from having your ceremony or reception in front of lush green landscaping and glistening ponds.

If you’re worried rain could end up ruining your outdoor wedding, we want you to know that everything will still be beautiful. Plus, some great benefits come from receiving a little shower on your wedding day.

Here are six reasons to welcome the rain on the day you say ‘I do.’

You’ll end up with amazing photos – If there is rain in the forecast, take advantage of a cool photo opportunity by having cute accessories on hand. Clear dome umbrellas or colorful rain boots will look great with any wedding theme. Take photos through rainy windows or against the concrete where you’ll see your reflections. Remember to include your bridal party in the fun as well! Whatever you decide, make sure to grab your photographer and make the most of the rainfall in your wedding photos.

You can wear your hair in a romantic updo – Avoid frizzy hair by rocking a romantic hairstyle such as a chignon or French Twist. Accessorize with a gorgeous wedding crown, bridal hair comb, or delicate hairpins. By having your hair up, you won’t have to worry about whether or not the humidity will ruin your look and you can be confident your hair will still look great even after getting a little wet.  

There will be even more reason’s to cuddle – Whether it’s a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, the sights and sounds of rain is romantic. You’ll want to cuddle up to each other to stay dry. And, brides will love that their new spouse will help them keep their dress out of the mud or cover their shoulders with their jackets.

You’ll have an interesting story to share – Although wedding catastrophes may not seem funny at the time, you’ll enjoy getting to tell everyone how you overcame the big storm that happened on your wedding day.

You may see a rainbow – Once the rain stops, a beautiful rainbow may appear, giving you a chance to take some incredible photos in front of it.

It’s known to be good luck – In different cultures, having rain on your wedding day means tough times or sadness in your past are being wiped clean as well as you will have higher chances of fertility and your marriage will last longer.

There is something comforting about the pitter-patter sounds and earthy smells that come with rain. Should you experience showers on your big day, instead of letting them ruin your mood, make the best of them!

If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding location, the Heathrow Legacy Club’s Ceremonial Garden is a perfect choice. Get married underneath our romantic white gazebo with mature trees and views of the course pond in the background. After the ceremony, guests can enjoy delicious drinks during the cocktail hour on the patio. If the weather is really uncooperative the day of your wedding, we will figure out other arrangements to ensure you and your new husband or wife have the best day imaginable! Call us today at 407-562-0170 for more information or to schedule a site tour.

Erick Merced