4 Tips for Planning a Daytime Wedding

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Sometimes, an evening wedding just won’t work. Whether it’s because the venue you fell in love with is booked at night on your wedding day, or because you’d like your very own morning royal wedding, daytime weddings can be a great alternative! It will also help you save money, since many venues are cheaper to book early in the day and you may not need a full 3 course caterer or liquor bar.

But, you’ll have to put extra thought into planning the wedding, since most guides and tip lists are geared towards helping put together evening weddings. Here are some important things you’ll want to consider when planning a daytime wedding.

1.       Travel schedules – Daytime or morning weddings might make it harder for out of town guests, since many would try to travel the day of to avoid missing work. Notify guests as far in advance as you can so that everyone has a better chance to plan ahead for the early start time. Also consider expanding the rehearsal dinner or throw a cocktail party the night before to thank guests for accommodating to the schedule.

2.       The sun – The sunshine and milder temperatures in Florida make daytime winter weddings ideal, but during the summer it will be trickier for outdoor weddings. You could easily rent a large tent to provide shade, or have the ceremony under the shade of trees on the property. You’ll just want to make sure guests won’t be too hot, so shade and water go a long way.

3.       Venue bookings – Don’t forget that your venue may have someone else getting married there in the evening, so make sure you understand what time you need to be out of there. Likewise, a wedding the night before yours could impact what time your space will be ready in the morning. Clear all of this up with the venue so there are no wedding day mishaps.

4.       Activities – While you might think guests won’t want to dance in the daytime, that’s not necessarily true! As long as they have a shady spot and the right music, the dancing will be great. Lay off the club hits and instead go with a live band to get the right vibe going. If you want to skip dancing, put out some fun games like badminton, cornhole, and croquet to entertain guests at the reception.

5.       Food – The time of the wedding will dictate what kind of food you should have. You could do an omelet bar along with a donut wall for brunch time, or provide creative lunch fare. Instead of offering full bar services, maybe set up a bloody Mary and mimosa bar instead for alcohol options.

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Erick Merced