6 Alternative Wedding Gifts for When You're Going Off-Registry

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What do you do when you waited too long to pick out a wedding gift from the registry, and now all that’s left are things you can’t afford or aren’t crazy about getting? Sometimes, you have to set out to hunt for the perfect gift yourself. If you’re attending an upcoming wedding, skip buying fine china, and pick out gifts they’ll actually use that are both personal and thoughtful. 

1.    Luggage – Perfect to use for the honeymoon or anytime the couple travels together. With so many shapes and styles, you can pick out cool colors and funky designs that coordinate with their personalities. As a special touch, have custom luggage tags made that say their last name along with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

2.   Sheet set – After a long day, what newlyweds don’t want to curl up and cuddle in soft, luxurious sheets? Pick out a high-quality set that’ll be sure to give your loved ones countless nights of amazing sleep.

3.   Serving board – If the couple likes to entertain, a serving board is great for presenting appetizers, main courses, or desserts to their guests. Personalize one with a message or their wedding date, or stick with a classic look such as one made from polished white marble.  

4.   Cooking lessons or art classes – Instead of buying something for them to use in their home, especially if they’ve lived together for a while, get them something fun they can do together. Has either friend or family member mentioned they wish they could learn how to improve their cooking for their soon to be husband or wife? Maybe they’ve talked about taking a painting class together but never did. Find some neat spots in your area and buy them a class or a gift card they can use towards it, and instantly they have a date night to look forward to.

5.   Honeymoon fund – If a fund has been set up to help raise money for their upcoming honeymoon, consider donating to it. You can still get a beautiful card to take with you on the actual wedding day if you feel uncomfortable going empty-handed. At least with the honeymoon fund, you know you’re contributing to something they want, and at the same time will be helping to give them lasting memories.

6.   Gift cards – While they may seem impersonal, gift cards are an excellent way to let people get what they want. Is the couple in the process of closing on a house? Get them a gift card to a home improvement store. Is there a particular place they always buy their groceries? Help them with some of their food costs by putting the amount of a shopping trip onto a gift card.

If you’re nervous about picking out something the newlyweds may not like, gauge a sense of their style from the items they have listed on their registry. And, if all else fails, you can always include a gift receipt.

Although brides and grooms may be surprised at what types of gifts they receive and from who, they can be sure that they will receive them while having their dream wedding at the perfect venue. Heathrow Legacy Club is the premier location for all things related to weddings and special events. Contact us today to schedule a tour by calling 407-562-0170 or by emailing us at info@heathrowccevents.com

Erick Merced