On-site or Delivery Catering. Which is the Best Option for Your Event?

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When planning a special event such as a quinceanera, corporate party, or wedding, having food catered is an essential part of taking your event to the next level. Whether it’s conversational hors d’oeuvres, casual buffet style, or a fancy sit-down dinner, food brings people together.

Upon deciding what to serve your guests, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed with what seems like endless possibilities of menu items to choose from. Working with Heathrow’s experienced culinary and wait staff can help guide you, making sure you get the exact dining experience you desire. Both onsite and delivery catering options allow you to enjoy a tasty cuisine without the stress; so which should you choose?

On-Site Catering
On-site caterers typically stay at the venue. Their home kitchen is located in the building in which they work to prep the food and then cook it on the premises. An advantage to enjoying a meal that is served on-site is that last-minute changes or corrections aren’t a problem because the caterer can walk from the kitchen to the venue floor where the event is taking place. Another benefit of on-site catering is the accessibility to different enhancements such as tablecloths, dishes, stemware, décor, tables, and chairs, which can be used to create a complete experience for your guests. Thinking of serving cocktails? Having the option of a provided bar service is always a plus.

Delivery Catering
Off-site caterers are generally food delivery and service staff. Since their kitchen is not on the premises, they will arrive with everything that has already been ordered, so making last minute changes may be a little more difficult. Many delivery caterers offer wait staff and bartending servers, which will arrive at your requested time to set up and begin table service. Your guest’s food experience won’t be lessened because they’ll still enjoy a well-prepared, delicious meal served directly to them.

Which Should You Choose?
The reason for your event can help you when choosing on-site or delivery catering. If you’re wanting to host a grand event such as a sweet sixteen and will need a dance floor, special lighting, and sound equipment in addition to food and drinks conveniently located at a venue, on-site catering may be the better choice. However, if you are wanting a cozier, private event such as an anniversary dinner, without the worries of needing to prepare and cook a meal, you may want to have catering delivered to you. 

We Offer Both On-Site and Delivery Catering
At the Heathrow Legacy Club, we understand that events, whether grand or intimate, require an exceptional amount of planning, time, energy, and proficiency. Our team works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure you can enjoy the best meal possible with your guests worry-free. Let us help you implement your vision while impressing you with our delicious food and exquisite service, whether at your home or ours. Call us today 407-562-0170 or email us at info@heathrowccevents.com to experience a new kind of catering. 

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