5 Wedding Planning Myths

Because every couple is unique, planning a wedding will never be the same. Although there are standard traditions many bride and grooms follow, there’s no reason you can’t be different and change things up a little (or a lot!). With all the misconceptions out there about what you should or shouldn’t do for your wedding, check out these five myths you can totally ignore while wedding planning.

1.    The Bride Has to Wear a White Wedding Dress

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While wearing a white dress is traditional, it doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Many designers have acknowledged that brides these days want more options to choose from other than white or ivory. Which means you shouldn’t have any problem finding a dress that fits both your style and your personality. Whether you choose champagne pink or sparkly gold, wear what makes you feel (and look) the best.

2.    You Have to Invite Everyone

Countless brides and grooms always feel a pressure to invite everyone they know to their wedding to avoid disappointing or upsetting their friends and family. While it’s understandable to want to invite every Tom, Dick, and Harry; you know it’s not realistic.

Don’t feel like you have to ask someone to be a part of your day because you attended their wedding or because they will get mad. If someone asks you why they’ll miss seeing you get married, just let them know that because of space and budget restrictions, you have to limit the guest list.

3.    Your Wedding Has to Cost a lot to be Fabulous

While it’s easy to become envious every time you see a lavish, over-the-top wedding, unless you have the same budget, it’s okay to have to scale back on a few things. You can still have the wedding of your dreams without compromising on beauty and style by setting your priorities from most important to least.

To afford those must-haves such as a designer dress the bride has been eyeing before even becoming engaged- or a 3-tiered wedding cake from a famous bakery, you’ll have to cut costs in other areas.

Make adjustments to extravagant centerpieces and opt for less costly floral arrangements, or have your wedding on a weekday when the venue charges less.  

4.    Doing Everything Yourself Will Save You Money

Like many, you’ve probably pinned a ton of ideas on your Pinterest board to use as inspiration for the DIY craft projects you plan on completing for your wedding. If you’re wondering whether it’s better to Pinterest or not, consider whether having to buy all of the supplies and spending the time making everything will actually be less expensive in the end. Do your research and weigh your options. The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out by having to complete a bunch of projects the week of your wedding- when you could have just spent a little extra in the beginning and avoided the hassle.

5.    Hiring a Talented Friend is the Same as Hiring a Professional

Yes, your friends are uber talented and probably a lot less expensive to hire. However, just because they have completed several cute crafts in the past or have an Instagram full of gorgeous nature shots doesn’t mean they will be the right person for the job.

If your friends are helping with your wedding but also attending it, you don’t want them to miss out on your nuptials because they’re busy trying to set up and organize final details. Also, If things don’t work out- you could jeopardize your friendship.

Hire professionals who have the experience to assist you with whatever you need and avoid putting you and your friends under any unnecessary pressure.

At Heathrow Legacy Club, our team of event coordinators are dedicated to ensuring your whole wedding runs smoothly. We are a full-service venue that offers on-site catering, multiple room options, and place settings, providing you with everything you need! Let us help you make your dream wedding come to life by calling 407-562-0170 or emailing us at info@heathrowccevents.com

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