Choosing Your Wedding Menu

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With so many catering options available, selecting a menu for your wedding can be difficult. Gone are the days when couples only offered their guests two options to choose from, normally either a boring fish dish or a piece of steak covered in a port wine sauce. Nowadays, newlyweds everywhere are raising the bar when it comes to choosing their wedding menu.

And, it’s no wonder seeing that many caterers and venues are offering dining choices ranging from three-course plated dinners to self-serving buffets that can include nearly every type of cultural cuisine.

So, how do you choose what makes the final cut for your menu? For help, keep reading.

Work with a Caterer

While you may have an idea of what you would like to have at your wedding, you can’t decide on a menu until you choose a caterer. The best caterers can be booked up to a year in advance, so don’t wait to secure one for your wedding. If your venue offers their own onsite catering team, check with them to find out when you should begin customizing your menu. 

Start with Your Likes and Dislikes

Think about some of the foods you and your fiancé love eating together. Are there any dishes that stick out in your mind? If so, your wedding is the perfect time to share some of your favorite things with your guests, including food. Maybe you want to recreate a dish you had on your first date or would like to serve food that’s customary to eat in your culture.

Whatever it may be, just remember that some of your guests might not be as adventurous as you when it comes to food. If you think your guests may have more moderate palates, you can ask your caterer how you can incorporate some of your favorite foods without going too far. The caterer will be able to offer suggestions and should be able to help you pick out a variety of food that all your guests will enjoy.

Think Seasonally

When building your menu, take into consideration what season you’re getting married in, as well as where you will be holding your reception. Incorporating seasonal food items into your menu may help cut costs. Plus, you know you’ll be getting the freshest, tastiest products. It also helps to know where you will be getting married. If you’re holding your reception outdoors during the summer, you may want to have lighter options that are easy to prepare. Opting for a winter wedding? Think about serving different comfort foods.

No matter what you choose to serve at your wedding, make sure it’s adequately prepared by hiring the most skilled chefs in Central Florida. At Heathrow Legacy Club, our chefs are trained in a variety of culinary backgrounds and can make many cultural dishes including French, Caribbean, Indian, Southern, American, Italian, etc. to ensure you receive exactly what you want. 

And at Heathrow Legacy Club, we offer both on-site and delivery catering so even if you decide you want to have your wedding in your backyard, you don’t have to miss out on serving world-class cuisine to your guests. For more information or to begin working with our chefs, please call us today at 407-562-0170.



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