Ways to Exit Your Wedding Reception

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For centuries, guests tossed rice as the naewlyweds exited the ceremony as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. But over the years, couples have taken the opportunity to get more creative and incorporate a reception exit instead or in addition to the ceremony. Whether it’s passing under a tunnel of bubbles or riding away in a horse-drawn carriage, a grand exit is a great way to get some fun photos while being surrounded by your friends and family. To make the most of your wedding farewell, here are some of our favorite ideas to choose from.

•    Bubbles – This lets you bring out your playful side and is great for both kids and adults alike. It’s inexpensive, great to do at a daytime or evening wedding, and there’s no clean up needed. Plus, the guests can keep the bubbles as a small wedding favor.

•    Flower Petals – Flowers are both whimsical and versatile. Choose classic white rose petals or opt for some colorful wildflowers. And, instead of letting guests grab a handful from a basket, portion the petals into cute paper holders that match the theme of your wedding.

•    Sparklers – Guests on each side of the farewell line can light the couple’s path to a new life together. Take a moment to share a dip kiss under the sparklers of all your guests and you’ll get a sweet, romantic photo.

•    Glow Sticks – A colorful and fun way to illuminate the night; select multi-colored glow sticks or go with one specific color. Since glow sticks last for hours, guests can break them open in advance to help light up the dance floor. They are also a great alternative in case your venue doesn’t allow sparklers.

•    Flags – Print a cute message like “hooray,” “congrats,” or “yeehaw” on to small pieces of ribbon attached to wooden dowels. Guests can wave them as you exit.

•    Vehicle – To ride off in style, rent a vintage car with a “just married” sign attached to the back. Or, if you and/or your significant other ride motorcycles, guests will never forget watching the bride take off in a wedding dress! Just make sure the train is tucked in and you take all other safety precautions.

Whatever grand exit you choose to do, the onsite coordinator can help gather your guests at the end of the reception, making sure everyone has an individual item in their hand. You and your love will be able to enjoy the last few moments of your wedding stress-free because everything will be taken care of!

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all in the details. Let the experienced and friendly staff at Heathrow Legacy Club give you the wedding you’ve been dreaming of from start to finish. To learn more about the packages we offer or to schedule a tour, please call us at 407-562-0170.  

Erick Merced